Oh yes, even for businesses this app can provide you with great benefits. Namely, if you are looking to attract new people, spread your brand name and increase traffic in your business you can use this app. By creating a professional account with Sociable, you will be able to post events for your business and pay for the frequency and reach your post will acquire through the app. This way you can easily reach a lot of people in your specific target segment, since we have filters and demographic information on our customers. This platform also allows you to attract potential customers from beyond your target group by providing special deals for people who bring other people or groups along to events. Think about giving every 2nd coffee for free or for a discount. This will motivate our customers to find more people to come with them and there is nothing better than word-of-mouth advertisement, which incurs relatively low costs and spreads fast.

Choose from one of our special business packages below to get started.

Bronze Business Package

Silver Business Package

Platinum Business Package


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